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What to expect from scenar therapy

About Us

My name is Jenny Sapseid and I am a qualified Classical Scenar therapist. I first came across Scenar therapy when my husband, and fellow therapist, was treated for severe back pain. The healing process was remarkable and so I wanted to know more!

I am trained in Classical Scenar therapy approved and endorsed by Professor A Revenko of the SCENAR Academy of Russia. I am also a qualified Nutitionist and studying Homeopathy at present. With an extensive list of training undertaken via Professor A. Revenko and his training centes in the UK, I have the knowledge and experience to deal with a vast range of ailments and pain issues.

Scenar is not a miracle device that will cure you in one session but can make a major difference in one session! The number of sessions required depends on the type or injury and serverity. The first one or two sessions will always give us a good indication. Look at our client testimonials and case studies to see how effective the treatment is!

Scenar Therapy is a highly effective and lasting form of natural pain relief. Popular for many years in Germany and Russia, Scenar gives fast results with injuries and acute issues, and steady improvement with chronic issues.Scenar is gentle, soothing, practical and cost-effective. It has no negative side effects and simply mobilizes the body's own natural resources. Scenar also helps with sleep and stress, enables fast returns to work and mobility, and works alongside mainstream medicine.

Treatment costs
Initial consultation (60-90mins): £55.00
Subsequent treatments (40-60mins): £45.00
Block of 5 treatments after the initial consultation: £200.00 (£40 each)

What's so special about Scenar?

  • Remarkable levels of pain reduction and functional recovery.
  • Often able to break through where nothing else has.
  • Non-invasive, non-toxic, free of side effects.
  • Long-lasting or permanent results.


Many clients have told us that as a result of SCENAR Therapy, other chronic conditions have improved, for example; depression, anxiety, allergies, fatigue, hormonal disorders and digestive disorders.

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Professional SCENAR Training how it should be! This hands-on Professional SCENAR training course covers the essential, intermediate and advanced protocols as well as fast-track techniques to enable you to treat your clients effectively and with rapid results. We will show you how to successfully integrate this therapy into your practice along with effective marketing techniques that have been proven to work!

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